This Post May Not Be Safe For Work

April 13, 2008

Back in high school, I was looking through the dirty magazine section of some liquor store when I ran across a magazine called Shaved Orientails (not a spelling error, it really did say “tails”).  I was too young to legally purchase a copy, but in furtively thumbing through it I saw literally an entire periodical full of the same picture over & over again, with a different model on each page.

Upon thinking about the magazine later, I realized what a large world it was, because there’s apparently enough people who are specifically turned on by:

  • Pornography
  • Via still images
  • Of Asian women
  • Facing backwards
  • With their genitals shaved

…to support a monthly publication.  Of course, now in the internet era, print/paper/distribution costs are nil, and in fan sites, model costs & photography are donated by creepy lunatics hobbyists who all too willingly donate time & effort to their causes.

Which brings me to thisIf Wishe(r)s were Horses is a site for people who wish they were human/horse hybrids.  Not so that they could run really fast, or survive on a diet of hay, or add more prancing to their daily rituals, but for pretty much entirely sexual reasons.  I could spend the rest of my blogging life writing about this site, so I will force myself to cut it short, but I wholeheartedly encourage each & every one of you to check out the art gallery.

Ah, Rule 34 (“If you can imagine it, there is porn of it”), you remain as true today as ever.  Amusing sidenote: in Googling “Rule 34”, I found “rule34.paheal.net,” a site that in roughly one year has set about trying to prove the legitimacy of Rule 34 by having members upload the most unlikely & oddly inspired pornographic images ever.  So far there are over six thousand four hundred pages with a dozen or more pictures per page.  Favorites in the couple of minutes I spent clicking “random” include this image of the Pringles mascot getting intimate, this drawing of a guy having oral sex with Gizmo from the movie Gremlins (note the time on the clock!), and  this picture of Mr T sodomizing Santa Claus

It’s a big world, all right.  A big, terrifying world.



  1. Had never heard of rule #34 til now. Thanks. But why the number 34?

    I don’t even know what to say about the horse people.

  2. Are the other 33 rules about porn, too, or do they diversify? Is the 3 second rule about food on the floor in there? Possibly the infield fly rule?

  3. I laughed myself into a headache last week when I came across (heigh-oh) a video of a chick fucking a snowman. Really. He had an extra carrot in his Snowman crotch.

  4. You frighten me. Really.

    At least this time I was well-enough-acquianted with you not to click the links…

    No, sir! No more eye-bleach for me!

    (Yet I can’t stop myself from coming back. Must. Stop. Reading!)

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