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Soviet Cialis

April 10, 2008

My Spam intake at work has progressively gotten more & more Russian, to the point where nearly 20% of the emails I receive are in a cyrillic alphabet.  I don’t usually read my spam, but I’m actually mildly disappointed that I can’t see what my comrades are selling. 

In my imagination, which is fueled entirely by 1980’s cold-war propaganda like Rocky IV & Red Dawn, I suspect most of the products being shilled are cheap communist variants of western products.  Like, instead of discount viagra, it’s probably some sort of beet-based concotion that promises to “increase sexy powers” in borat-esque pidgin English. 

The weird thing is, I’ve checked with a few co-workers, and none of them are getting Russian spam.  I’m pretty sure this is related to some suspicious shopping I may have done on a certain Russian mp3 site a while back.  In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have used my primary email address, but in truth, a 20% increase in the amount of spam I get is like a 20% increase in the amount of awesome I am.  The baseline is so high that the overall difference is not noticeable.


People Who Want You To Vote for Obama

April 2, 2008

Oscar & Lola, My Pugs


The Little Baby Cupcake


Shamus, the Scotsman who molested me as a child


Mexicans – Are They Taking Over?

April 2, 2008

Anecdotally, living in Los Angeles it’s pretty clear that Mexicans are overrunning the city.  Entire neighborhoods are blanketed by Spanish language advertising, which is conflicting for me because I love advertising but I hate things I can’t understand.  Perhaps most shocking are the results of my own household census where we’ve gone from 100% Causcasian in 1998 to 66% Hispanic.

But whether you believe this is happening (you’re right) or not (you’re wrong), the question remains – is it intentional?  I believe this print advertisement for Absolut vodka currently running in a Mexico City periodical answers that question:

Ay Dios Mio!

Part of me is distressed to see the naked ambition for conquest, but another part of me is delighted to see U.S. advertisements in English South of the border.  Hah!  Take that, Jorge!  Como Te Gusta Estas Manzanas!!?!?!