You Win Again, Older Brother

May 15, 2008

Some of you may have gathered from my fear of the outdoors (bears!) and knowledge of technology that I’m not the world’s most rugged athlete. Being the son of a former professional lifeguard, I’m not sure where my complete lumpy disdain for physical exertion comes from.

As this photo of my older brother that I ran across will attest, not ALL of the apples in our family fell far from the tree. It’s an older photo, to be sure, but when we pan the camera back a little, who’s that in the window on the right?  Cue sad trombone sound 😦



  1. P.S. tip of the jonsonblog hat to Patrick for the dorky photoshop idea.

  2. I am sorrily confused. Is Seamus an attorney? Admitted pro hac vice?

  3. Yehoo!

    The addition of Seamus is seemless.

  4. Sadly, your pun doesn’t work if you read “seamus” as “shamus”, which I’m pretty sure is the correct pronunciation.

  5. It’s the janitor in the window, holding a mop and bucket. Tom is three stories up, with nothing but cement to catch his fall to a Gehry-esque demise.

  6. Clever, I was fooled. I started to say, “Geez man did you ever take that Fing jacket off? Or were you ever not being molested by men in funny costumes?”

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