I’m a massive nerd

May 21, 2008

Sadly, I think that’s the second time I’ve had to use that headline on this blog.  And like the 3 billionth time I’ve used it to explain/excuse something I’m interested in.  So this time it’s the show How It’s Made on the Discovery HD channel. 

I wish I could tell you the show was about something awesome, like special secret weapons that only the government knows about or amazing seduction tips that I keep getting emails for, but in truth, the summary from the page on discovery.com reveals the sad truth: “In each episode of the series, viewers will be amazed to see how many common items are manufactured in high-tech factories around the world.”

And they’re right, I AM, I AM amazed to see how many common items are manufactured in high-tech factories around the world.

Seriously, I’m worried that the writers strike in combination with the cancelling (over the last few years) of Arrested Development, Firefly, Andy Richter Controls The Universe, Rome, Deadwood, The Sopranos, etc has fundamentally broken my ability to consume entertainment, or even recognize it.  Not counting the NBA Playoffs, a brief review of my recent “oh I should definitely record THAT” items on TiVo have been woefully lame.

  • Throwdown With Bobby Flay (so embarassing) – FoodTV
  • Ferocious African Crocodiles (literally an hour of wildebeest getting mangled) – Animal Planet HD
  • 2008 Heads-Up Poker Championship (seriously? I’m still watching this?) – NBC
  • Ebert & Roeper & the Movies (did you know that they can’t use the “thumbs up” component anymore since Ebert is suing the show, which he hasn’t appeared on in years thanks to his cancer battle? FASCINATING.  I really need to figure out how to “unsubscribe” from a season pass on this crappy fake TiVo that DIRECTV is using these days.)

So, to sum up.  I can’t recognize entertainment anymore.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go finish watching how two sided scotch tape is made.


  1. So, you actually get that show in the US of A?

    Is it the SAME show? I only ask because almost all of what is shown here happens to be manufactured in the province of Quebec. The reason isn’t the ingenuity in marketing nor the prowess in production that has How It’s Made (which, for whatever reason, is called, lol, How Is It Made?) being created and filmed there … they have a really good tax relief system for creating TV and Movie content there.

    The next time you watch an episode (you know you will), see if you can find anything that is printed in French.

    I only commented because I have this friend, he watches that show all the time. I heard.

  2. I don’t think ours is entirely filmed in Quebec, but I’ll pay more attention to the locale.

  3. “Ferocious African Crocodiles (literally an hour of wildebeest getting mangled) – Animal Planet HD”

    Not only do you watch a show with nothing but mangled flesh, you watch it in HD! Do you have The Missus sqruirt ketchup all over the room for an even more realistic effect?

  4. The Ferocious African Crocs was actually very intersting and NOT just wildebeest getting mangled. Seriously, haven’t you learned not to believe everything my hubby says/writes?

    Hubby: you forgot to mention that you watched 27 Dresses with me!! 🙂

  5. Yeah, but that was just me being nice. I also watched half an episode of Gossip Girl with you, but that was just because I had drunk so much wine I couldn’t move. Seriously, it was like something out of Clockwork Orange, I was paralyzed on the couch & forced to watch Gossip Girl. I should have just said no.

  6. I love How It’s Made as well. I have it on our bedroom TiVo (yes, a real TiVo) because it’s hypnotizing enough to put me to sleep. Kristen hates the show with a passion, though she’s one to talk as the TiVo also has season passes for “Rock of Love 2.”

    I believe it is mostly, if not entirely, filmed in Quebec, as many of the products are dual language labeled, and companies like Bombardier are featured fairly often.

  7. Amusingly enough, our bedroom TiVo is a real Tivo as well. DIRECTV is trying their best to screw their HD Tivo customer base by slowly migrating all the HD channels to a new video format (MPEG 4 encoding) that only the new, non-TiVo DVRs can decode. So we have an older HDTV in the bedroom that gets no HDTV channels, since only the missus uses that TV & she doesn’t care about HD programming.

  8. All this “REAL TiVo in the bedroom” talk is a little disconcerting.

  9. I have to agree with that. You ought to start TiVo-ing Discovery: After Dark, or maybe, How It’s Done?

  10. Ummm, I LOVE “How It’s Made”! But, seriously, the best show on t.v. is Boston Legal. But, I may be alittle James Spader biased.

  11. Didn’t Boston Legal go off the air in 2003?

  12. Heads up poker is on my Tivo. As is POker After Dark. Which is pretty good. No Jonson, not “Poke Her After Dark”.

    As for the rest of it. How its made, Mythbusters, SurvivorMan all good filler, when there is no Office, Lost or my hometown team playing.

    BTW, surviviorman will keep me alive one day! not sure whther it will be how I learned to distill my own pee or how to set up a LIon escape rope.)

    Rock of Love might be the worst thing ever on TV! Unless you’re Brett Michaels and then you want it to run as long as MASH.

  13. Don’t pretend you don’t already know how to distill your own pee, jk.

  14. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Expatiation

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