May 27, 2008


  1. Funny that Clinton was doing so well there. You’d think it’d be 100% McCain around there.

    Also, I’m guessing that the reporter wasn’t exactly announcing which network he was with without being asked. Just a hunch that that would go over around those parts even worse than an Obama presidency.

  2. What’s really funny/tragic is that there are so many idiots in America that think Barack is actually muslim (despite the fact that the biggest opponent smear tactic of his campaign to date has to do with his Christian pastor) that there are not one but multiple 3rd party sites dedicated to pointing out that he is, in fact, a long time Christian.

    Sadder still, on one of the pages solely dedicated to explaining to people that Barack Obama is not a muslim, they’re running a quiz that asks “Is Barack Obama secretly a muslim?” and the results are resounding Yes, 51% to 37% as of this writing. Fucking retards. This is why I get so touchy when Mr Nelson shows up with his B. Hussein Obama (or is it Osama? Giggle!) routine. America doesn’t need any help fomenting racial misunderstandings.

    Hate a politician based on his policies, his lack of experience etc, but one of the only things worse than hating someone for their religion is incorrectly guessing someone’s religion and then hating them for it.

  3. While I agree 100% on the religion issue, the problem for the fine folks of Eastern Kentucky in the piece you linked is race. I got a chuckle out of the toothless middle aged lady who says, ‘No, I don’t think I could vote for one of… Now I’m no racist, but I can’t vote for someone like that.’ Like what? Tall? Wearing custom tailored suits? A bad bowler? Hmmm.

    Only 2 people from that town really seemed to make “sense”: the younger guy who explained how people were around there and the older guy who feared retribution on whites from a black president. He might be totally off base with reality, but when you consider where this guy is coming from, at least he is making a decision based on some sort of reasoning (no matter how misguided that reasoning may be.)

  4. Interesting, but the bigger question is, why the fuck are you watching Al Jazeera Network for your news?!

  5. It’s the only unbiased source of news out there. Plus Allah’s one true prophet who is Mohammed has forbidden me to watch anything on Fox where the blonde whores tempt a man from the path of righteousness.

  6. Oh man! I thought all they had was Bill O’Reilly and his loofa. I gotta watch more Fox!

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