Peligro! Abejas!!

May 30, 2008

When I left lunch today with my buddy Nick (pictured, in blue), we passed a bush with hundreds of bees attempting to form a permanent home there right outside the restaurant.

The owners had contacted a high-end bee disposal firm, which consists of a sign that says “Peligro! Abejas” and a dude with a vaccum. And not even an expensive, Dyson sphere vacuum, but more of a box with a nozzle attached.

One by one this poor bastard was vacuuming up the bees. It was a lengthy, painful task, as I’m sure he got stung more than once, but it all paid off in the long run, when he drives to the homes of his mortal enemies, pulling up in front of their air conditioning intake units & releasing his angry horde. El Hombre Abeja claims another victim, and the police are none the wiser.

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