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The World’s Biggest Tree

June 7, 2008

I’m very prone to hyperbole & exaggeration. It’s a side effect of enthusiasm; if I like a restaurant, it might be THE BEST RESTAURANT IN LOS ANGELES, or if I went to a good concert it’s because the band is THE GREATEST LIVE BAND EVER.

About a year ago, some friends were staying at the Fairmont Mirarmar in Santa Monica, and I mentioned to them that there was a really impressive tree out in front of the hotel. And while that sounds super lame, you have to admit from looking at it that it IS a pretty cool tree. A 100 year old tree with at least six different trunks all melting together, etc.

But of course, when I tell my friends about it, I referred to it as “possibly the biggest tree in California,” to which one responded, “really? Bigger than the redwoods?” “Well no, not bigger than the redwoods. But certainly bigger than any trees not known for how big they are.”

I’ve said a lot of lame things, but that may be in the top 10. Stupid tree, making me look dumb!