Confusing Spam

July 28, 2008

When I first started getting spam, it would trick me with innocent sounding subject lines like “here are the stamps you ordered” or “important information for you,” and then on the inside it’s all squids & Japanese schoolgirls.

But apparently spammers are now using reverse double secret psychology. “Priest and nun humping in confession room” is a pretty blatant subject line. I mean, I DO work in advertising, but I suspect that’s not a work related email.

I don’t usually click on spam, but my Master’s Thesis at Yale was on the subject of Nun Pornography, so naturally I can’t resist opening up the email, only to find the interior line “MRI show promise for detection of early Alzheimer’s” and a confusing URL.

WTF, Spam? Is this porn or science? What am I going to get when I click on this link? Are you daring me to lose interest?

By the way, for the curious, if you click on the link you get directed to a mostly blank page that tries to automatically download an .exe to your computer so that you can “watch the movie.” I didn’t let it download, so I can’t tell if the movie was religious in nature. Disappointing all around.


  1. Hey, I got that mail too. Naturally I had to google it, which is how I ended up here.
    One difference: my spam was about Christian Bale sentenced to 3 months imprisonment. I didn’t click the link cos I don’t even know who Christian Bale is. I suspect he’s not a nun. Maybe a priest…

  2. He is Batman!

  3. Didn’t have the guts to download the file? Well, just forward the message to a coworker and open it on his computer while he’s at lunch. That way you get to see the “movie” and keep your computer safe. And if you think this little plan is immoral, just remember that it’s for science.

  4. Hmm, not sure why you didn’t download and run that EXE file. I am doing it right now, and noth

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