Never Stop Learning

July 31, 2008

Things I learned tonight:  That creature in the trash compactor in Star Wars, the one that tries to kill Luke? It’s called a Dianoga.   Also, that wormlike creature that Han flies the Millenium Falcon inside of in Empire Strikes Back during the asteroid field chase, it’s called an Exogorth, and it reproduces aesexually in the vaccuum of space.

Useful things I learned tonight: <sound of crickets chirping>

Also, I didn’t technically learn this tonight, but it was just this week that I learned that someone has already had the idea to cover naked women in single slices of Kraft American Cheese, (NSFW) slightly melted, and spray them with ketchup.  God damn you, internet.  Why do you keep crushing my dreams?

One comment

  1. Don’t be sad little buckaroo. You keep on dreaming. This blog wouldn’t be what it is without your dreams.

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