Fuck. Yes.

August 22, 2008

As you all know, my birthday is Nov 27th, otherwise known as Jimi Hendrix’s birthday, or Bruce Lee’s birthday, etc.  But this year, it’ll be known as something way more awesome.

No, not Thanksgiving, although it is indeed Thanksgiving on my birthday (yay longest secular holiday of the year in my honor!).  No, this year, Nov 27th will be known as “two days after The Hold Steady come back to play the Wiltern.”

To celebrate my birthday while still allowing the band to see their families for the holidays, The Hold Steady are playing on the Tuesday right before my birthday, which is both considerate & awesome.

I enjoy going to their concerts because I spend the entire rest of the year surrounded by people who hate their music, and the experience of being at a show is unlike any other band I enjoy, even someone like Neil Finn or Crowded House, where my enjoyment of the band gets me mocked.  The Hold Steady are actually actively disliked by pretty much everyone I play their music to, and then you walk through the doors of the concert hall & it’s like stepping into a different country.

Suck it haters, me & the band are going to celebrate my birthday.


  1. There are people out there who hate the Hold Steady? Craziness. Enjoy – they are awesome live!

  2. Pop quiz: You are on vacation in the San Juan Islands at a bed & breakfast with the Missus. Its late. There is a jacuzzi for all patrons to enjoy. You grab your bottle of wine, a pair of glasses, and seek the jacuzzi’s warmth. When you arrive, would you rather find: (1) the boys of Wilco, (2) the boys of The Hold Steady, (3) a naked Carly Simon and James Taylor, or (3) me? Choose your answer carefully, Jonson.

  3. I’m confused – you labeled “A Naked Carly Simon & James Taylor” option 3, but you also labeled yourself option 3. Are you part of some menage a trois with Carly Simon & James Taylor?

    I’m pretty sure Wilco wins. They’re my favorite band of all time, The Hold Steady is just my most played band of the last year, like The New Pornographers were for the previous couple of years.

  4. I never wear clothes in a hot tub. That would be offensive to my ancestors. Carly and James appreciate this, but I’ve never capitulated to their advances.

    Respectfully, I don’t think I’d like to soak with Wilco. I’d love to have a drink with them at the Bear Republic Brewery, but no soaking. In a hot tub, I’d rather chit-chat with the Indigo Girls or the dude that sang “How Bizarre.” I’m kidding (kinda).

  5. It’s cool liking bands no onre really cares about. I’m hoping for my 50th birthday (Gives me time to save my dimes)I can hire Cheap Trick to play my birthday party!

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