WTF, L.A. County Fair?

September 5, 2008

The “Fair Food” page at the L.A. County Fair website falls into the “un-parodyable” category.  If I asked you to pick which one of these three items was fake fair fare, with the other two being real, could you?

  1. An ice cream waffle cone with a full pint of ice cream stuffed into the cone
  2. Dipping sauce served in a bucket that you wear around your neck
  3. Deep fried spam & pineapple skewers

It’s item 2, in case you’re curious.  One of these days I’m going to make the trip to Pomona just to photograph the outrageousness; but on a certain level, I fear that close proximity to such offerings would just lead me to find the stupidest item & order it.  I have a weakness.  “Stunned mouse in a Dixie cup? How much does it cost?  Has it been fried?”



  1. Dude….Spam is AWESOME! I would go just for that!

  2. I saw an ad for the Fair on an LA Times paper vending machine today. The tag line: Wear your elastic waistband.

    At least they’re honest.

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