The Japanization of America

September 21, 2008

I’ve long heard about vending machines that sold all manner of items in Japan, as opposed to the mainly snacks & sodas you get here in the U.S., but this was my first experience of the concept stateside.

On last week’s trip to L.A.X., down terminal seven I passed two separate Best Buy vending machines. They took credit cards, had “in-store” return policies, dispensed receipts & sold the kind of CE devices you would want if you found yourself trapped at the airport and forgot to pack (or didn’t own) them, like inexpensive digital cameras, headphones for your iPod/etc, Nintendo DS (but no games, which is weird), etc.

The future – can it be far off?


One comment

  1. Kerosene? That is such good news. I can’t tell you the number of times my Mark 77 bombs have run dry. After a day of bombing the Iraqi Republican Guard, who wants to deal with a clerk when you can just buy the stuff with no fuss.

    What’s next? Fertilizer? A one-stop for terrorist supplies.

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