The Polar Opposite

October 6, 2008

Ever since running into Dave Grohl @ the farmer’s market in Studio City, I’ve wondered what the LEAST rocking musician I could run into in a non-celebrity environment would be. I mean, Dave Grohl’s such a rocker you kinda don’t expect to see him shopping for fresh peaches & broccoli at a farmer’s market. Shouldn’t he be rocking 24 hours a day? Who is rocking while Dave Grohl shops for produce?

The wondering ceased yesterday, when my wife said to me while we were at the park, “I think that’s one of the women from Wilson Phillips.” It turned out later to be two of the women from Wilson Phillips as Carnie (pictured) was there with her sister Wendy. No word on where Chynna Phillips was.

P.S. in case anyone thinks Carnie Wilson is shy about being recognized (although after broadcasting her gastric bypass surgery on the internet, I’m not sure how anyone would think that), she settled the “I’m not sure that’s Carnie Wilson” debate I was having with the missus by telling a 3 year old in a voice loud enough for everyone at the swings to hear “Hello, my name is Carnie. What is your name?”

This may also be a good time to point out that, despite having virtually no contemporary pop culture knowledge, my wife is the Michael Jordan of recognizing celebrities.  I could literally have had my penis in the woman in that picture above & not known it was Carnie Wilson, but from across the crowded park playground, my wife spots her immediately.  There must be a way to make a profit from this trivial talent.


  1. First, she was super nice and looked great! Second, I know plenty about pop culture . . . sort of.

  2. I know, huh? You called it. The missus is totally the Michael Jordan of celebrity spotting. Back in the day we’d be walking down some street at lunch time in Beverly Hills and she’d say, “Did you see him?” WHO? “Leonardo DiCaprio.” NO! Another day it would be, “Did you see Marissa Tomei?” NO! “She was sitting right by the door eating a bagel.” NO!

    You want to profit from her talent? Easy peasy. Get the missus an iPhone so she can be all CIA and take stealth photos of celebrities and then sell them to the tabloids. Also, the missus will have to quit her job so she can wander the streets in pursuit of celebrities shopping for produce and such like.

  3. My wife’s got that thing too. We were walking through LAX and she nonchalantly says, “There goes Isaiah Washington.”

    She does this kind of thing ALL the time! It drives me crazy.

    Now me, I could have had my penis in Isaiah and I would be..well I guess I would be gay.

  4. Isaiah Washington is not okay with that.

  5. Since I was there for this, I can say yes, the Missus is undeniably THE MJ of celebrity recognition. I told her point blank that there was absolutely no way that was Carnie. 2 minutes later she’s telling a toddler her name. (By the way, she didn’t use a voice loud enough to hear her all the way over to the swings when telling the kid what her name was. She wasn’t exactly hiding, but then again – not to be mean about it – I don’t think anyone was really out there looking for her.)

  6. Now I feel better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naXCGpABh9I.

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