Let It Be Known

October 15, 2008

Throughout time, mankind has been plagued by many seemingly unknowable questions, chief among them “what flavor of potato chip is the best flavor?”

This mystery can at last be put to rest.  Utz Carolina Style BBQ chips are far and away the best.  Sadly, unlike Lays or Doritos or Tostitos or Ruffles or Fritos, they are not made by Frito-Lay (seriously?  One company makes every single brand of nationally available chips?) and thus are only available regionally, in the Chesapeake Bay region to be specific.

Now, you CAN order them online, but ordering your potato chips online to have them shipped to your house is a slippery slope away from paying people to rub your belly in concentric circles when you’ve had too much to eat.  On the virtuous to gluttinous scale, with “exercise & eat right” on one end and “wallow in your own filth” on the other, ordering potato chips online is definitely across the midpoint & headed in the wrong direction.

So, no Utz chips for me.  Which only makes me want them more.  People of the Chesapeake Bay region, appreciate how fortune has smiled upon you in this one relatively minor way!


One comment

  1. uuuuutttzzzzz
    as a person of the Chesapeake Bay, i may monthly pilgrimage to CostPlus, where they have an abundance of Utz product (including the crystal-meth laced large sourdough pretzels – where the salt actually sticks permanently to the dough. i’ll try the online purchase to save in the gas as well as potential for soul-sucking disappointment when they are out of stock.

    Also, for us Bay-ians, a tip – I order pizza FedExed to me every few months from Ledo Pizza, a lift-changing pizza.

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