No On 8

October 27, 2008

I’m worried that it’s a lost cause, but this video sums up my feelings on the issue nicely.  Also, I’m not a religious person, but what I wouldn’t give if all Christians felt this way.


  1. I agree. Government should not legislate love.

  2. I disagree with Mr. Nelson. Government should not legislate love.


  3. WTF? Are you trying to annoy me?

  4. I suspect he’s making a joke about how hard it is for him to agree with you on a point. The tip-off was the inclusion of the smiley faced emoticon.

  5. I think Chuck has a crush on Mr. Nelson.

  6. Perhaps a “No on 8” vote, and Chuck and I can make it official!

  7. Yet another marriage your wife’s family shouldn’t be told about. Wait… I’ve said too much.

  8. My dear Twoflower, I did not intend to befuddle you.

    [Hat tip to Jonson for deciphering the cryptic winking-eye emoticon. Next time I’ll go with an ‘LOL’ or a less-subtle ‘J/K’.]

  9. I’ve decided to vote Yes on 8 after seeing that video. That ‘mmmmwaaaaahhhmmmmmmmmwwwaaaaaaahhhhmmmmm’ music was freaking me out too much.

  10. Weird that vote hasn’t come up in the great state of Texas!

  11. I too would vote “Yes” just cuz the music was annoying.

    This is only kinda related, but recently there was the story about the White Supremacist foiled plot to kill all those people including Obama. This plan didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell due to the ignorance of the two planners. That being said, should we not worry about these type of plots since racism is ignorance? Are there smart enough passionate enough racists to pull such a plot off?

  12. Not yet. But the ranks are deep.

    Actually, JK makes a great point; for years now I’ve been running across articles online & in print written by impassioned, semi-coherent fervent racists who are appalled at the company they must keep. Just as “politics makes strange bedfellows,” when your primary M.O. is the eradication of a race (or religion), you’re really not going to be picky about who’s with you. This invariably leads to drunks, randomly violent lunatics, idiots, social outcasts, etc all being thrown in the white power mix. It’s lonely for the suit wearing, educated racist.

    Most recently, this NY Times article quotes American Nazi Bill White(!) as saying ““There’s a real problem in what’s called the ‘white movement.’ One, there’s a lot of people who are just mentally ill, and we deal with those a lot. No. 2, there are people who have serious sexual problems.”

  13. Thanks for linking up my video, Jonson!

    Mr. K and JK: Uh, sorry about that. It was about 2am, I wasn’t finding anything good online that was inexpensive or free, and I wanted something kind of ominous and droning like that. In the end, it was me, a synth patch in GarageBand, and my index finger holding down a key for a minute. Done.

    In my defense, if I’d had Samuel Jackson to do a voiceover, I would have totally done that instead. Ironically, he had just left my house before I decided to do this ad. Weird.

  14. Cheshire,
    You do realize I’m totally kidding, right? That was excellent work.

    This afternoon I was out with my daughter while my son was at an appointment and came across a guy on the corner holding up “Yes On 8” signs for the passing cars. His sign read, “Prop 8 = Freedom of Religion.” Just to be a snarky jerk (for a good cause) I decided to get in a one-liner as I walked past. “Is it Freedom of Religion or shoving your religious beliefs down my throat?” Usually I would feel guilty about saying something like that to someone, but when you’ve taken it upon yourself to stand on the corner holding a sign, you’re fair game.

    Instead of a quick, in-your-face zinger, it turned into an impassioned yet (mostly) civil discussion. He brought up many points, including how a fertility clinic was being sued for not performing In Vitro on a lesbian couple. I was a little perplexed by the logic on this. He went on to explain that if Prop 8 passes it will save us in legal fees resulting from lawsuits like this one, because the gay couples won’t have a legal foothold to sue from. (I’m paraphrasing a bit, but that is the gist of it.) He went on to say that they would still be able to adopt and have visitation rights in the hospital, etc., with domestic partnerships.

    “So,” I asked, “you’re saying that it would be separate but equal?”

    He replied, “Yes, that’s a good way to put it.”

    “Just like with African-Americans in the South in the 50’s?” His face dropped a bit as I continued. “Maybe we should have separate drinking fountains for Gays, and they should sit in the back of the bus, as well?”

    He stammered around it for a bit, but finally offered his reasoning – Gays and Lesbians have made a CHOICE to be gay, and therefore there are “consequences for their actions.” I told him how, as a teacher, I’ve seen many kids, some as young as 4th grade, who seem absolutely gay and just can’t figure out why people are making fun of them and are totally confused about why they seem different. They haven’t put it together yet, but everyone else has. Turns out, he was a teacher, too. And he’d seen students who seemed to have more of a potential for being gay, but despite that he was convinced that all homosexuals were doing this by choice, and therefore shouldn’t have the same rights.

    There was a lot more to the conversation, but these were the highlights. It was very eye-opening to talk to someone from the other camp and hear first-hand what passes for logic on the other side of the fence. I’d love to be able to tell you that he was a disgusting person with knuckles dragging on the ground and foaming at the mouth with hatred, but he wasn’t. He was actually quite nice, and we had a very pleasant conversation, considering the circumstances. It’s too easy to paint those who disagree with you as evil-doers, but the reality of it is that with a few twists of fate along the road of your up-bringing, they could be you.

    One last thing before I end this way-too-long blog comment. As we were debating a car with three high-school-aged boys drove by and yelled ‘faggot!’ at the guy with the Yes on 8 sign. Besides the obvioous display of homophobic hatred that underlies many of the props proponents, there is so much confusion about what a yes or no vote means, that whatever happens tomorrow might not actually be what the electorate really wanted to do.

  15. To be totally off the subject, it has been stated to me that the left is so much more sophisticated than the right…

    Is this what they mean by “sophisticated”?

  16. First, congratulations to President-elect Obama. Let’s hope he has Lincoln’s resolve, he’s gonna need it.

    Mr. Nelson, I’m sure you’re just trolling here, but don’t you get tired of using a straw man in your arguments? You’re not stupid, and you KNOW that while the woman said “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car” and “I won’t have to worry about paying the mortgage,” she meant that Obama will turn the economy around, not that Obama is handing out checks. So why do you pretend that she meant it literally? Obama has never pretended he was going to bail out consumers who made poor choices. In fact, in his acceptance speech he praised personal responsibility.

    You guys should love that position!

    Of course, Obama’s going to realize once he takes office that he’s going to have to stop bailing out the banks, and about 95% of them will fail, but that’s the way it goes when you rip off your shareholders by leveraging 50 to 1 right? That’s the free market at work: no corporate bailouts.

    After all, if the woman in video shouldn’t get assistance, neither should corporations. Right?

  17. I was too exhausted by Nelson’s trolling to respond, but my initial thought was “yes, a liberal would be sophisticated enough to realize that the woman is obviously referring to a turnaround in the economy.” As I began to write it out I remembered the adage about wrestling with a pig (“you both get dirty, only, the pig doesn’t mind”) and I decided instead to just let the idiotic comment stand.

    Mr Nelson, in all seriousness, if you want to be a jackass, feel free to go somewhere else, anywhere else on the web and be a jackass. Just stop it here.

  18. Well, since you’ve all decided, that I’m “trolling” and I’m a jackass, let me first say, jonson, you are a condescending S.O.B. I’m sure like most others here on your blog, that is a badge of honor. I left that post days ago, and after yesterday, this is where I stand at this time:

    As much as I don’t support his policies, nor his methods, I will hope for the best under our new President, Barack Obama.

    What I am proud of today it America’s determination to be the cutting edge force in the world, as we have done something virtually no other nation has ever done: We have elected a person of a minority race to the highest office in the land.

    I would like to, on behalf of conservatives out there who will join me in wishing God Speed to Mr. Obama, and may the world that has criticized us as being a backward nation, take a good, long look at THEMselves, and realize that it will be a very long time before they have the fortitude to do what America has just done. France, Germany, other European Nations, you are challenged to show that YOU have got what it takes to be progressive, with more than just the empty rhetoric you have spewed in the direction of America.

    Best of luck, Mr. President-Elect. We may not agree on policy, and you may have not received my vote, but I am pulling for your and your upcoming administration.


    what I posted is something I posted on another blog. So…If I’m still being a jackass, so be it.

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