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He should have his snake license revoked

October 28, 2008

I never been a fan of snake owning, I’m too much of a pussy to feed live warm blooded food to my pets.  But this story of a mouse who was fed to a venemous viper only to turn the tables & kill the viper in a 30 minute battle royale really made me think.  Specifically, it made me think:

1) That little fella’s got the heart of a champion.  Seriously, from here on out for the rest of his mousey life, nothing is going to seem unaccomplishable.  Like on Tom & Jerry, he’s going to be like Jerry’s little Mouseketeer nephew who was not afraid of cats.  I don’t see his luck holding up.

2) I’m not sure the Mouse actually killed the snake. I suspect when the venemous viper realized what direction the fight was heading, it bit its own tongue out of shame.  Jesus, viper, you are an embarassment to your slithery kind.


In Your Face, Pennsylvania

October 28, 2008

The coolest thing about this map of electoral results from every election ever is watching the number of electoral votes in California grow over the years.  The total vote count for the nation never shifts, so every extra vote CA gets comes at the expense of some crappy place that no one wants to live any more.  In particular, I’m thinking of Pennsylvania.  Scroll over to the 1960 Kennedy election when CA & PA both contributed 32 electoral votes.  In the 2008 contest, CA is up to 55, while PA has fallen to 21.  Ohio hasn’t done all that well in the intervening years either.  Eat it, suckers, your empire built on steel & blue collar ethos can’t hold a candle to our multi-cultural melting pot of cheap ethnic labor!

Also amusing: how incredibly one sided some of the contests were.  Specifically, Reagan in 1984 (seriously, Mondale only won one state more than H Ross Perot, and Perot wasn’t even running in that election).  Also noteworthy for its brutal lack of competition: 1972’s Nixon/McGovern.  In retrospect, Nixon didn’t need to break into the Watergate hotel to spy on his competition, it looks like the race wasn’t all that close.

After these last two intensely hard fought elections, it’s amusing to see some that were over before the polls closed out west.  Here’s hoping for more of that; for better or worse, a house divided cannot stand.

Finally, the winner for “most dramatic about-face” in the Nation’s history has to be the switch from Red to Blue in 1932.  Sure, stock market’s going well, everyone LOVES Herbert Hoover, but you get one little (great) depression and we’re a nation of class-warfaring liberal bastards overnight.

P.S., anyone curious about how it would look if we ever broke from our 2 party system should check out 1872.  Ugly!