He should have his snake license revoked

October 28, 2008

I never been a fan of snake owning, I’m too much of a pussy to feed live warm blooded food to my pets.  But this story of a mouse who was fed to a venemous viper only to turn the tables & kill the viper in a 30 minute battle royale really made me think.  Specifically, it made me think:

1) That little fella’s got the heart of a champion.  Seriously, from here on out for the rest of his mousey life, nothing is going to seem unaccomplishable.  Like on Tom & Jerry, he’s going to be like Jerry’s little Mouseketeer nephew who was not afraid of cats.  I don’t see his luck holding up.

2) I’m not sure the Mouse actually killed the snake. I suspect when the venemous viper realized what direction the fight was heading, it bit its own tongue out of shame.  Jesus, viper, you are an embarassment to your slithery kind.

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