The Heights of Douchebaggery

November 6, 2008

I’m glad the election is over and I can go back to writing about important topics like where I have peed and how awesome The Hold Steady are.  But before the Jonsonblog resumes its regularly scheduled writing, allow me to point out to the citizens of Alaska that re-electing a convicted felon, a man who couldn’t legally vote in his own election due to his criminal status, a man whose political career is best known outside the state as a synonym for porkbarrel funding or corrupt and deeply cynical policymaking at the expense of the public interest really shows the rest of the world where you stand.  Bravo Alaska.  You taught us all a valuable lesson, and that lesson is: Alaska is largely inhabited by ignorant moosefuckers.



  1. Come On! MooseFuckers!?! If you have ever been in the vicintity of a moose, you would realize what a bad ass a moose fucker would have to be. Ignorant no doubt, but also one tough son of a bitch.

  2. Moosefuckers is funny. I like it. Brings back memories of Washington DC, re-electing Marion Barry after his drug conviction years ago.

    I’ve seen a moose. Big…too big to fuck.

  3. Try moosefucking vicariously through your shotgun. It works better, you might survive.

  4. Q – with a shotgun, isn’t that more of ‘fucking up a moose’ than ‘moosefucking’?

    or do you mean with lube, and sweet talking?

    now that is a website idea! you can have that for free.

  5. See, I thought he meant fucking my shotgun and fantasizing it’s a moose.

  6. See, I thought he meant fucking my shotgun and fantasizing it’s a moose.

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