Stripping Room

November 11, 2008

There’s a lot of awesome detail in this NYTimes panoramic vr shot of the dressing room (SFW) @ a Larry Flynt owned strip club (view “Full Screen” mode to zoom in), but the “whose baby is cutest” contest being carried out among the strippers (note the clipping on the mirror) is maybe my favorite detail.  Also: who knew there would be so many rules?  No teddys, no lingerie, no grinding on the floor, and most importantly, do NOT sit bare-assed on the makeup chairs.  That’s just good advice for everyone.



  1. And the best part of the cute baby contest is that it appears to be made of up of those composite photos you can get where the machine takes photos of two people and hypothesizes what their child might look like.

  2. Cheating at the Cutest Baby Contest. It’s sad when you can’t trust the integrity of a stripper.

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