Dorkiest news report ever

November 14, 2008

In this report from the UK about a woman divorcing her spouse because he was “online cheating” with another woman in the avatar based “Second Life” community, the following paragraphs were particularly memorable:

The couple met in an internet chatroom in 2003 and married in real life and in a fantasy tropical setting in Second Life.

However, Taylor always had suspicions about Pollard’s online loyalty. At one point she hired a virtual detective to test whether his avatar was cheating on her, after finding him at the computer watching his character having sex with a prostitute.

There’s so much nerdery there, I’m not sure where to start.  I’m willing to acknowledge that couples meet on the internet and those meetings can lead to marriage, but this goes way beyond that.  The couple married twice? Once in real life and once in Second Life?  She hired a “virtual detective”? Such things exist?  He was watching his character have simulated sex with a virtual prostitute?  There are virtual prostitutes?

Is there are shadenfreude-esque word for the mixture of fascination/revulsion/pity/amusement/superiority I’m feeling about this whole article?



  1. You should check out the much more amazing UK Daily Mail’s version of the story, which has side-by-side comparisons of the real people (photo, salary, profession, etc) alongside their, uh, avatars. And includes photos of the american hussy who stole the husband away. Here you go: http://tinyurl.com/6p8zqw

  2. OMG. Quantity Surveyor, that is easily the most value-add I’ve ever received in a comment. I LOVE those photos. From the teddy bear in the hands of the “other woman” to the ginormous size of the people involved. A+++++

  3. I will TOTALLY be an usher if Jonson & the Missus renew their vows in Second Life.

  4. The officiant would of course be Yao Ming, and the reception would be catered by Yang Chow.

  5. My avatar looks like Alice Cooper in shorts, rather than Alice Cooper in a suit.

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