Los Angeles On Fire (again)

November 15, 2008

Living in Los Angeles, I regret the absence of seasons, specifically snow days, several times a year. Growing up in England and living on the East coast I miss the change, the exotic nature of days where everything is blanketed, etc.  In specific, I remember the blizzard of 1996 & the impact of massive snow drops on a city ill prepared for the outcome.

But I’ve noticed this year that L.A. has its own version of extreme weather in the form of giant raging hillfires.  In the last three years, I’ve had the following fire related experiences:

  • Ash & smoke making the air cloudy from Los Feliz fires as I walked into a club
  • Major strips of the hillside along the 405 laid bare overnight barely two miles North of my house due to a fire that flared up at 1:00 AM and was out by morning.
  • Entire chunks of the coastal drive to San Diego completely reinvented by massive, countywide fires earlier this year
  • As I sit here tonight, the hills on the north side of the San Fernando Valley a good 20 miles away are burning out of control, and the smell of woodsmoke is carried on the wind into my back yard, where my daughter is playing.  It’s a bizarre sense; the weather is cooling, the winds have slowed, and I can smell the ruins of hundreds of peoples lives through my open window

It’s not as peaceful, nor as beautiful as snow, but it is exotic & memorable.  I suppose the same could be said for earthquakes, mudslides or any other devastating force of nature.


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