Malaysia: The Future Awaits

November 15, 2008

I’m a comparably big internet dork, which is to say “more so than anyone I know, but much less than actual dorks you would meet on the internet.”

For example, not only do I use Firefox instead of IE, I customize the shit out of Firefox to my specific tastes, including editing the application registry so that I don’t have to type my Google searches into the built in search bar, but can just type phrases directly into the Address Bar (where you would normally type in the URL you want to visit) and hit return to feed that query to Google.

But here’s where being a “comparably big” internet dork gets you. Somehow I fucked up the registry edit & while I can query directly from the address bar, every single time I do, Google asks me if I want to restrict my search to just “pages from Malaysia.” What are you trying to tell me, Google? Why Malaysia?  Is this a clue?  Am I supposed to leave my current life behind and move to the land of young ladies with peanut butter colored skin & a poor grasp of communal property laws?  If you say so, I guess I have to do it.



  1. That is TOTALLY what you have to do. $20 for a whole day AND a happy ending.

  2. Have you tried GLue fro Firefox?

  3. No, I’ll look into it.

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