Mr Pizza Factory

November 22, 2008

On Tuesday before the Hold Steady concert I’m going to grab dinner w/Patrick.  The Wiltern, which is where the concert is, is right in L.A.’s unbelievably large Koreatown, so we’re taking the opportunity to go to Mr Pizza Factory, which, as far as I can tell, does not actually sell pizza.

Their website is spectacular, a single page with an attractive young Korean woman miming the “call me!” action with her hand, while a heart graphic next to her says “Love for Women”.  I have no idea what to expect from Mr Pizza Factory, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be awesome, possibly better than the concert.  All I’m hoping is that my pizza comes with a happy ending.



  1. Allow me to introduce you to the all in one pizza (second crab pizza). Can’t Wait!!

    K-town pizza pie!

  2. This ending will so not be happy. Hold steady your colon.

  3. I tried to order online. Thought I might be in their delivery area. 404 error:-(

  4. Being married to a Korean woman, I often here her say..”Korean people are so weird”. She cannot figure out much of any of the marketing techniques they use. These are not the first “WTF” types of ads we’ve seen over the years.

  5. I am the only person disturbed by the young lady’s apparent loss of her left hand? Another meat slicer casualty?

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