This Cafe Makes No Sense

November 26, 2008

Since I was already committed to having dinner at Mr Pizza Factory, a crazy Koreatown place that does not serve pizza (but turned out to be amazingly delicious), I decided to make a full day of nonsensical asian themed eateries.

Lunch was at the Royal/T in Culver City.  It’s an art gallery slash restaurant where they only hire young attractive asian looking (demure brunette) females and then force them to dress up as French Maids while they serve you.  But not just any French Maids, the specific kind you’d see in Japanese anime, with ponytails and pigtails and other youthful looking elements.

In my capacity as guardian of the interests of both a 3 year old daughter & a 37 year old penis, I’m  conflicted about the sexualization of young girls.  To be clear, these women were all over 18, but there’s something vaguely unsettling about the experience, despite the attractiveness of the hostesses.  Of course, I’m kind of a pussy about these things; for example, I’ve never been to Hooters in my life, out of some kind of misguided notion of principle*.  And yet here I was at the Japanese themed French Maid cafe. Lunch was certainly fine, but that’s not really the reason people go there, I suspect.

Now, I know what you’re wondering: This Japanese art gallery restaurant, did they have a store built in?  And did that store sell $500 erotic life-size giant squid made of fetish leather for snuggling and/or long term relationships?  Of course they did.

Keen observers (and lovers of fine art) will note I’m trying to recreate a famous painting in my pose above.

As stated above, dinner was fantastic.  Not pizza, by any means, but a really good place.  If you live in L.A., you should go, it’s on Wilshire a block west of the Wiltern.  And if you don’t live in L.A., that’s really too bad and I feel sorry for you, because L.A. is awesome.

The Hold Steady concert was the last show of their tour and the set list could hardly have been better if I’d chosen it myself.  It was kinda of a co-headliner affair with the Drive By Truckers, and they both played the encore together.  DBT came on at 9:00 PM and played a 90 minute set, as did THS, who came on at 11:00.  Fun as that is, getting home @ 1:00 AM is pretty exhausting, and it reminded me that not only my penis is 37, but my entire goddamn body.  Sigh.

*amusing side anecdote: when I explained my No Dining at Hooters policy to a friend, on the principle that it’s a misogynistic business and I didn’t want to support it, he replied “What?  You’re the most misogynistic person I know!”

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