Mr Smith Visits The Applebees

December 1, 2008

Of all the hilarious details about Giants wide receiver Plaxico Buress accidentally shooting himself in the thigh with an unregistered gun he was carrying in a NY nightclub, the fact that he tried to use an alias at the hospital in the same year that he caught the game winning touchdown in the Superbowl for the home team of the city he shot himself in is perhaps the funniest/least plausible. “Harris Smith” is goofy enough, but when you add in that he claimed he got shot at an Applebees it only serves to sweeten the anecdote.  It’s a whole new neighborhood indeed.  It’s hard to break down the stupidest decision of the evening:

  • Possess an unregistered handgun
  • Carry that gun into a nightclub
  • Draw gun out in public, leading to accidental discharge
  • Spend 90 minutes calling several hospitals to find most gullible one
  • Lie about name at check in
  • Lie about details of shooting

Any of these, on their own, pretty stupid.  But when you’re a world-famous celebrity athlete with two superbowl rings, including one from the superbowl that happened earlier this year, you’re pretty hard to miss.  Go ahead and give one of your best friends $50K a year to follow you around with a licensed handgun.



  1. Geek gun knowledge alert. He was carrying a glok which has unique trigger safeties that are built into the trigger. He really had to squeeze the trigger hard to actually shoot himself accidentally. He could have thrown the gun against the floor and it wouldn’t have gone off, much less let it drop all the way out of his pants.

  2. Well, I’m plagiarizing from my favorite sportsblog, but I should point out that as a wide receiver he’s naturally averse to safeties.

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