You Can Go To Calico Ghost Town If You Want

December 1, 2008

Somehow my old post entitled “Do Not Go To Calico Ghost Town” is now the fourth most popular result if you search for information about Calico Ghost Town.  Which is awesome, because it means a bunch of people who have no interest in me or this site end up here to defend this goofy little bump in the road out in the South Eastern California desert.

Some of the visitors are angry, like the man who writes “you went at the wrong time ass hole,” which I suppose is true, if you take into consideration the entire time continuum, there must be some moment at which those coordinates were worth travelling to.

Some of the visitors are just happy to have a guestbook to record their travels in, like so: “I and my wife Puii, driven by Andrew (my brother-in-law) visited Calico Ghost Town on November 26, 2008 afternoon. It drizzled and made the Ghost Town cool. The old Cowboy and the pumpkin candy lady greeted us warm. We love the site and antique way. May God bless the Town ever more.

Still others are fomenting discontent, taking the “Union” side in the civil war re-enactor battle a little too literally: “As an old West Re-Enactor myself I can honestly say Calico Ghost Town Officially Sucks!!! They are no longer letting outside teams preform there and no longer permit re-enactors to carry firearms a very important part of a re-enactors outfit.”  Down with scab re-enactors! Fake Guns for Fake Cowboys!!

What do all these commenters have in common, besides multiple spelling & grammatical errors and a fundamental inability to understand how the internet works? They’ve all warmed my heart.  And with that, I give you, the ill-informed google searchers of the world my blessing.  You may now resume going to Calico Ghost Town if you wish.


One comment

  1. If you’re really going, you might need to keep warm this time of year. Forget that slanket, try


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