I Have Plenty Of Friends

December 9, 2008

Like most bloggers, I was very popular in high school, which is why I was shocked & dismayed when I noticed the subject line of the spam from Classmates.com telling me that One Classmate Had Searched My Profile.  One?  Seriously, that’s all I could muster?  And that “One” isn’t even a real person, it’s probably just a scam to get me to sign up for an account.

I know it’s been twenty years (jesus christ!) since I graduated, but I’m pretty sure that the level of awesome I was bringing to University High was at least thirty years worth of memorable.  There was that time I skipped the prom cause I was too cool, or the way I hung out in my AP History classroom at lunchtime with all the other cool kids.  And let’s not forget that one girl I asked out in 12th grade.  That was pretty hardcore.

Okay, in retrospect my high school career may not have been as successful as I suspected, but fortunately since then I’ve been a social butterfly on steroids.  My linkedin profile is pretty damn sweet, and I was totally the man on Metafilter until I cancelled my account.  And let’s not forget Muslim Facebook.



  1. What caused you to part ways with Metafilter?

  2. A bunch of reasons, but in a nutshell it was taking up too much of my time & it was easier to just deactivate membership than it was to try and impose a limit on how much posting I did there.

  3. Excellent Choice! More Jonson Blog!

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