Yay for Los Angeles

December 10, 2008

Things like this make me pleased to live in L.A.  It’s a taco truck, but run by Korean BBQ chefs.  They use Twitter to tell people where they are and then roam from spot to spot (new locations every evening) serving up delicious marinated Korean meats & spices in soft tacos.  Ah, Los Angeles.



  1. Everytime me and my friends been drinking at the club and get hungry, we always hope there is a Kogi truck outside. I am a sucker to try new things so I went for the Korean Pomegranate Chicken Quesadilla Special, that stuff was the shit. Wonder what the special will be this weekend…

  2. And here I thought this meant that you were busily twittering, but (per my research) apparently not…

  3. sounds yummy

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