lola is not allowed on the couch

December 12, 2008

Our two year old daughter is turning into a wee bit of an authoritarian. She knows that Lola, her pug, is not allowed on the couch, and the other night I overheard her repeatedly ordering Lola to get off the couch, which is when I grabbed the camera.

LBC: I will get MY mommy to get you off again. O-Kay. Dad. Get her really off.
Me: Okay, she’s gotta get down?
LBC: Yes
Me: Okay. Did you tell her?
LBC: Um. She’s still on there. Lola, Goddammit (!!?) get down.
Me: Okay. And are you gonna count to three?
LBC: One. Three. Two. Five. Get down Lola.

I’m not sure where she gets the swearing from, but it’s possible she thinks it’s Lola’s first name, as both the missus & I frequently begin conversations with our younger pug by saying “Goddamit Lola”



  1. My two year-old just watched that video three times. He particularly enjoys the counting segment. Fortunately, he already knew how to say goddammit.

  2. This is ten types of perfect.

    There was a time that Laura was about Emma’s age and while watching TV she looked around and asked, “Mom, where’s the damn clicker?”

    Because I guess that’s what we called it. You know, back then.

  3. Then there was the time my two year-old informed us “Uncle Jim a nice man. He a jackass.”

  4. My two year old just watched it and wants Emma’s phone number.

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