On Being Known For Something

December 23, 2008

My friend Josh used to use the phrase “on brand” to describe when someone did something that was particularly likely for them – like, the innapropriate alcoholic showing up drunk at a company event would be “on brand” for him.  It was an effective shorthand for summing up personality attributes, but it made me wonder what exactly would be “on brand” for me.

This morning two different people I know forwarded me the following article, both saying words to the effect of “you probably already know this:”

The Disturbing Sex Lives of Deep Sea Squid

By Philip Bethge

A Dutch biologist has extensively studied the reproductive techniques of deep-ocean squid. During sex, they are brutal and ruthless — and sometimes clumsy.

So, it’s clear that disturbing articles about aquatic sex life are “on brand” for me.  It’s good to have an area of expertise.



  1. Maybe the article itself is not “on brand” for you – maybe its the “brutal and ruthless – and sometimes clumsy” underwater sexcapades? Just a thought.

  2. It’s only ‘on brand’ if one of the squid uses a flounder.

  3. That’s the way I remember you being with me, Jonathan…

  4. That’s the way I remember you being with me, Jonathan . . .

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