I’m not all that crazy, it turns out

January 3, 2009

I like to think that among my friends I’m the one who is more likely to say or do the amusing/ridiculous/innappropriate thing, and while that might be true, this picture I just found of a naked guy simulating sex with the corpse of a beached whale proves to me that I’m nowhere near as wacky or unconventional as I thought I was.  I’ve seen a lot of things on the internet.  Things that you should never click on, like cephalerotica or worse.  And yet, not only have I never seen a picture of a guy who just pulled off his clothes and climbed on to a rotting whale for the amusement of his friends, I’ve got to confess that the concept of such a series of actions never even occurred to me.  This is simultaneously a relief to my wife & a source of dismay to me.

Three years ago, when we got a statue of a giant moose in our office (finally!), I immediately climbed on top of it & threw out the double viking for a photo opportunity.  I see now that I bring a knife to a gun fight.  Well played, internet.  Well played.


  1. The real question is: Exactly WHAT do you “google” to come up with a naked guy humping a dead whale?

    You just may be pretty unique and strange after all, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

  2. Is that Patrick? I swear it is!

  3. Patrick’s ass is way hairier. Wait, I’ve said too much.

    oh, and mr Nelson, this was not googled – such is the nature of how I use the internet that these kinds of images just find their way to me.

  4. Even creepier.

  5. Its awfully quiet in here.

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