Youth In Revolt

January 17, 2009

One of my favorite humourous novels is CD Payne’s Youth In Revolt; It’s not hugely popular, I’d never heard of it prior to my friend Mike lending me a copy a few years back.  In searching Flickr for the phrase “movie sets” just to see what images show up (man my life is exciting!) I ran across a set for Youth, which I just found out is being made into a movie to be released this year.   A little concerned that Michael Cera is playing the lead, who is 14 in the novel. Hopefully will be as funny as the book, which is absolutely hilarious.

So, that means that in 2009 I’ve got Watchmen, Harry Potter, Where the Wild Things Are & Youth in Revolt to look forward to, followed by the movie event of the century in 2010, World War Z.  Although both Watchmen & WWZ would be greatly enhanced by being multi-part HBO miniserieses, a la John Adams, instead of 2.5 hour long movies.

Man, I’ve got to develop some highbrow tastes, my love of cartoon culture is really clashing with my self-image as an erudite scholar of the arts.

One comment

  1. Speaking of WWZ, any new updates? I rely on this blog for info. Trailers? Cast? Release dates? Is it even in production?

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