Awesome Things: A Roundup

January 28, 2009
  1. This concept art for World War Z’s famous “Battle of Yonkers” scene
  2. This bulletproof child’s school backpack.  Seriously?
  3. This breakdown of the relative merits of the Slanket vs the (much cheaper) Snuggie, which led me to this website:
  4. For the Nuddle (“the new way to Nap & Cuddle!”)
  5. Compiling a list of links instead of actually “writing.”
  6. Testing image posts for work:


    1. Christmas of 2007, I bought three Slankets for gifts. Now I see the Snuggie, and I am torn. Do I give up quality for price? I mean, there IS an economic crisis!

      The Snuggie commercial DOES say that you can wear it to keep warm at a sporting event. I know I’d be the coolest AND warmest guy at an Angel game with one of these puppies on!

    2. I heard the snuggie causes a nasty rash on your junk that spreads very quickly, like a Blanket version of crabs.

    3. All of this can easily be solved with three words:

      You can still lounge on the sofa without turning it around. And if you walk outside in it in the morning to pick up the paper, no one will laugh at you.

      PS – Sorry to veer off-topic for a moment, but I had to share this:

    4. http://www.usatoday.com/life/lifestyle/2009-01-27-snuggie_N.htm?se=yahoorefer

      This is just BAD news for Slanket!

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