My daughter is super racist

January 18, 2010

When told that Monday was Martin Luther King’s birthday, my 4 year old daughter asked that we throw a birthday party for him.  We agreed, although I’m not sure who we’ll invite.

The missus explained to the cupcake that MLK himself wouldn’t be attending, because “he lives very far away.”  Later, having not checked with her on what the story was, I explained that MLK wouldn’t be attending because “he is dead.”

There are many downsides to being a single parent, but one benefit would be never having to keep your stories straight.

I’m not sure the cupcake believes me that MLK is in fact dead, because earlier tonight we had an African American door to door salesman come by, and after he left, we had the following exchange:

LBC: Who was that ?

The Missus: No one honey, just a man selling something.

LBC: Well, I think he looked like Martin Luther King.

Super racist four year old!  Not every black male looks like Martin Luther King!


  1. Hmm. Our children learn racisism from their parents mostly.

  2. You may have a point, as I ended up telling her the door to door salesman was actually Barack Obama.

  3. Health care door to door? Being a colour, or recognizing it, or even spelling colour properly isn’t truly racism. Using that as a measuring tool to consider someone inferior, that’s racism. I don’t know about hairlines, though, I think it is ok to point hairlines out.

    LBC is STILL FOUR? Did you turn into Peter Griffin whilst away?

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