Don’t You Judge Me

March 25, 2010

So, I was trying to explain to my wife that if she walked in on me having sex with a woman dressed like Cheetara it would actually be MORE understandable than if she walked in on me having sex with just any other woman, because how could a regular woman like the missus be expected to compete with a Thundercat, when all of a sudden my wife confessed that she had never even heard of the Thundercats, let alone Cheetara.  I know, can you believe it?

Wait, this story is making me seem creepy, let me start over.

So, I was looking for sexy pictures of Cheetara (the Thundercat, not the junior senator from Indiana) on the internet, and I ran across the AMAZING site Allcosplay.com, which included this rad picture of a busty naked woman painted to look like Cheetara (possibly not safe for work), along with five full pages of women dressed up like sexy Thundercats, primarily Cheetara.

Actually, this story isn’t helping all that much either.

One of the things that frequently gets overlooked in the litany of vast changes the internet brought about over the past 15 years is the democratization of niche interests.  In 1994, if I had said to someone, “you know what I really like?  Being kicked in the balls until I pass out. That really does it for me.” I would have had a very hard time convincing that person that I wasn’t insane.  Today, with sites like “ballcrusher.net” (warning: DO NOT CLICK) or “isitnormal” (okay, go ahead and click on that one if you want), you can very easily find a group of like minded enthusiasts, no matter how fucking creepy you are.

P.S. if you’re curious, this may be the least sexy picture of Cheetara ever.


  1. No wonder you’re getting pwned by 12 year olds on MW–carpal tunnel caused by incessent whacking to Cheetara porn.

    My “go to” WTF is up with the Internet example is snowman porn. I once saw a video of a girl a snowman. Not cosplay, not animated–this was an honest to god Frosty the Snowman snowman with a giant carrot in his snowman crotch.

    The horrible thing is how epically awesome it was and how many people I sent the link to.

  2. Don’t think I didn’t just google “snowman porn.” And also: thank you.

  3. Although I did not (as of this writing) check snowman porn, I happened to check the first cosplay thing…

    On the bottom of the first page, there was a woman dressed as Molitov Cocktease. It was one of those random “other pics” on the bottom.

    I always assumed that me, obviously her, and like two other people know who that character even is.

  4. Certainly I’m not one of them. Although I love the name.

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