Five Thirty AM in the Morning

August 18, 2016

Holy shit. I just got the email from the doctor’s office. We have to check in at the hospital tomorrow morning at 5:30. The surgery hospital is 25 miles from here ’cause apparently throat robots are a rare & precious robot and they don’t grow on trees. So we have to leave at 5:00 AM. And since Robin’s coming with me we have to figure out what to do with the kids. I guess they will crash at a friend’s house tonight.  The surgery is scheduled for 7:30 AM and is supposed to take one hour so by 8:30 I should be cancer free, although it could be several weeks before that’s official. They have to have a pathologist examine the cut out part to make sure it isn’t cancer all the way through to any of the edges, cause if so, that means there’s still some cancer in me.  Then a few weeks later there’s a second surgery I think, to remove some lymph nodes and dissect them to search for further evidence of cancer. If both of those are clear I’m cancer free until they check again, which should happen every six weeks for a year, and then less frequently for like four more years.


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