August 29, 2016

So, I have cancer, or maybe I had it, and it’s been removed, and it looks like I’m gonna live. But, maybe 100 years ago, I wouldn’t have. When Robin gave birth to Emerson, she was too big to come out via the traditional exit, and surgery was required. Robin lived & Emerson lived. Not sure how long ago in the past that wouldn’t have been the case. Three different friends had absurdly touch & go pregnancies all involving a combination of bed-rest, drugs & life-saving ventures to protect the preemies. Everyone lived. All the moms, all the kids.

I can’t imagine what life was like only a couple short centuries ago where an average 44 year old would be surrounded by so much death. That childbirth was often a death sentence for the child or the mother or both, and that minor shit would just sweep in and kill you. No one I know in my age range has died. A few have miscarried, although not terribly far down the path. No one has died of cancer or car accidents or gunplay or anything. I wonder also what it’s gonna be like for Emerson’s grandkids 100 years from now. Will people even still die or will their bodies just wear out piece by piece? Will people choose to die if the option is some horrible run of surgeries to replace multiple parts inside them?

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