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September 20, 2016

My uncle Joe & I both grew beards to cover our scars. He got his from saving a fellow soldier on a minefield in WWII. I got mine from going down on some suspicious box decades ago. So I guess you could say we’re both heroes.


All Clear

September 7, 2016

Got the word back from the doctor today, no trace of cancer in my lymph nodes. So, maybe that second surgery wasn’t necessary? Oh well. But that’s it. Blog re-birth over. Thanks for reading along. Bye again!


Home & Dry

September 4, 2016

I’m back home, checked myself out from the hospital the day after the surgery. I had the tube removed from my throat the day after that, and am off the painkillers, just need to heal up. I still have stitches in my throat from the neck dissection surgery, which I guess will dissolve at some point. The scar line is actually inside my beard line, so if I want there won’t really be a visible scar. Follow up meeting with the surgeon this wednesday (although I’m trying to push to friday) to make sure I’m healing properly. At some point I should get confirmation that the lymph nodes they pulled are clear (i.e., none burst, there’s no cancer coursing through my body) and everything’s over.

August. It’s always been my least favorite month, but this one set the bar exceptionally low.