Conspicuous consumption

February 22, 2006

I love reading websites like Uncrate or Crib Candy for their detailed lists of things I would never buy but secretly want.  Ooh… $200 meat tumbler!  Up until now I had to tumble my meat by hand, and increasingly so over the last year (get it? that there was some sly innuendo!).  Thanks to the "groups" feature in the nerdy alterna-web browser I use, I have a group of sites that I check once a day, after 10:00 PM.  I call that group "After 10 PM" because I don't feel like employing subterfuge in my website group naming conventions.  In it, there's currently the aforementioned Crib Candy & Uncrate, which I peruse to see what it is I won't purchase, and then there's also Woot, which I actually HAVE bought stuff off of, many times over the years.  Finally, I have NatalieDee in there, since she throws up one new cartoon a day.  But other than the photos of her pug Chuck, which so rarely get updated, I'm not sure there's as much amusement to be had at Natalie's site these days.

For a while I had the HGTV Dream Home giveaway in there, to remind me to enter the contest daily.  It seems like a foolish waste of time, but when I'm living the good life in my two million dollar house in Asheville NC, all you losers can say you knew me when I lived in a tiny house in Los Angeles that was barely worth half that much!  Also, any of you that know how to cook Thai food are welcome to visit me, as I have it on good faith that the Thai restaurants in Asheville are not as good as the ones here in Los Angeles.

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