Do Not Go To Calico Ghost Town

February 21, 2008

My friend Patrick & I went on another road trip last weekend, this time to the Eastern borders of Southern California.  Originally, we were going to break into the abandoned water park on the way to Vegas, but it turns out you have to have balls to do that, since it’s guarded by dogs & men with guns, and I’m not sure we met the minimum ball requirement.  So instead we went to Calico Ghost Town, a crappy ass themed old timey western experience. 

It was not awesome.  The place had been an actual silver mining town in the 1880s, but disappeared to near nothing a half century later.  Eventually Walter Knott, of SoCal theme park Knott’s Berry Farm purchased the place & had it very very very cheaply restored to its former shabby condition. 


I do!  I do enjoy music & gunfights!  The highlight of the trip was the fact that it was “Civil War Days” at Knotts Ghost Town, in honor of President’s Day Weekend.  I know, I know, what does the Civil War have to do with a mining town founded fifteen years after the end of the civil war?  Moreover, what does the Civil War have to do with any city in Southern California?  Your guess is as good as mine, but nonetheless, there were about 50 people dressed up as Rebels & Yankees, all staging a giant mock war.  It was, without a doubt, the whitest thing I’ve ever been to.  Now, normally (according to the official list, at least), I generally am into stuff white people like, but I was not at all into civil war re-enacting.  I would have sooner gone to a Ren Faire or Trek Convention, or a Ren Faire AT a Trek Convention than knowingly attended a Civil War re-enactment.

However.  In that, I was definitely in the minority.  Calico was crazy busy, with a metric assload of my white kin there to see the South prevail at last.  And hey, speaking of minorities, Patrick & I immediately made a bet that the first one of us to spot an African-American would win five dollars. 


I won.  Yes, that’s right. There was a black person at the ghost town.  Yes, that’s right.  He was a Civil War re-enactor.  Yes, that’s right.  He was fighting for the South.  I’m not sure what promises his recruiter made, but this ugly display of re-enactor’s Stockholm Syndrome was good for a crisp Lincoln from my wager with Patrick.  And hey, speaking of Lincoln, guess who Patrick & I ran into on the outskirts of Calico?

Heavy is the head that wears the fake crown.  Ficticious Lincoln was resting up for his big afternoon of freeing the slaves & signing autographs.  We didn’t stick around, so I’m not sure who they were planning on having play the role of “the slaves,” but my money is on a certain Confederate soldier, once the battle ends.  Patrick wasn’t a fan of fake Lincoln, and lamented the fact that Calico didn’t spring for a Robot Lincoln like they have at Disneyland.

Please note: all photos taken by Patrick.



  1. I went there when I was about 5 years old. When you’re in kindergarten it RULES!

    Sort of.

  2. Heh. Counting “Scotty’s Castle” in Death Valley, that’s two places I’ve been as an adult (and hated) that you went to as a kid (and enjoyed). Prior to any future expeditions, I should just get a run down of your favorite haunts from the seventies. And then avoid them.

  3. Your gay road trips look fun.

  4. The only thing gay about this roadtrip was when the guy playing Lincoln touched my penis in the Mystery Shack. Now, the Salton Sea, that was three tons of gay. But only because the rampant smell of decay drives Patrick into an erotic frenzy.

  5. “…the guy playing Lincoln touched my penis in the Mystery Shack.”

    See? You might be kidding, but really you’re not. You just can’t keep from going there. Y’know what I say? Don’t fight it!

  6. In response to the “Stuff White People Like” link, here’s an equal-opportunity blog link:

  7. Hmmm. Clearly I’m not black, because I only like Hamburger Stands & Hot Sauce (and Basketball, I guess). Also, I’m not black because I could very easily contribute to this list of complaints.

  8. Hi This long Time Calico Ghost Towner & Be Goner The Since 1976 – to date of and on for that as california in california & move this town his lot`s history in the around to if ther is its history of past in the hills around ther and knotts worked ther and if look at old photos of its haydays the miners women and kid if hike in around the past is ther. and if your know lucy bell lane had shop ther lived ther. and around knotts fixed back to past i know this tourst ghost town most ghost in calif are know gone to time and thives calico is great work if the men the miners well calico is fun to go if just for day or camp ther like the mines did in tents not rvs take some look the past ther mining camps and ghost towns have past look for and never no what ther dive around ther old mills the hills have past just look the rob calico ghost towner

    • WHAT?

  9. dude go during calico days ive been goin for five years now n its very fun

  10. As an old West Re-Enactor myself I can honestly say
    Calico Ghost Town Officially Sucks!!! They are no longer letting outside teams preform there and no longer permit re-enactors to carry firearms a very important part of a re-enactors outfit. they let the parks dept take it over and they are trying once again to sugarcoat history and play down the violence. Although I did notice the double standard of letting the Civil War guys in with firearms

    • This was true in 2008, but we have a new event planner in town who is changing everything! She and her team have been kicking that place into shape! And as for the Civil War guys, they’re an independent group out of Vegas who have their own insurance. It’s not a double standard so much as budget restraints…but, as I said, things have changed!

    • so do most Re-Enactors

      • As the greatest gunfigter to ever work there,The apache kid a.k.a. Dr B Wilder a.k.a. the guy who literally made grown men crap their pants on halloween for 5 years running, i have to agree…The town was sweet way before my time (50’s-70’s) but by the time “wolf” started the only paid gunfighter group, it was fairly dead…for the ten years between him starting it and the years “Bismark” ran it , it was briefly awesome….and it attracted a large group of talented paid acts, as well as volunteers and the few of us hired as actors for the gunfights……that was Calico at it’s height, 1989-2001….Then 9/11 changed lives a continent away…men bringing 1-7 personal firearms to work, reloading shells in the back….making smoke loads to simulate dynamite….all of those things became……regulated…a serious risk,impossible to insure,the whole nightmare of weapon registration/background checks….being a county park, it bowed to political pressure faster than other things….the good gunfighters left, volunteers dropped off…and the town just kind of drifts on….a few true believers still try to keep it alive, but that old whore, Calico, just don’t have it in her for another resurrection…it’s strange, seeing all the comments, some good, some bad, and now finally one from someone who was there…….this post is many years old now…and honestly i only found it searching for any pics from the height of it all…

      • I still enjoy calico….my friend ,rex and myself go straight to the saloon for the polish sausage  and brew…..keith

  11. damn civil war reenactors. they always ruin everything for the outside teams!!!!!!!!

  12. whinner!!!!!!! you went at the wrong time ass hole.ive gone different times since 1982 no problem!

  13. I and my wife Puii, driven by Andrew (my brother-in-law) visited Calico Ghost Town on November 26, 2008 afternoon. It drizzled and made the Ghost Town cool. The old Cowboy and the pumpkin candy lady greeted us warm. We love the site and antique way. May God bless the Town ever more. We miss you all, how I wish I could leave the beautiful pictures we had in this spot!

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  15. well….thank you for your blog, if ever you and pat want a third party let me know. It sounds like you guys are fun. I havnt been there in some time..but you want to talk about a “white” experience. in the late 90’s I was playing in a southern rock band and at the time touring the high desert. (“the redneck/whitetrash tour”) I was offered to fill in at calico ghost town on guitar for none other than a bluegrass festival. I accepted. I had no idea how white im not. This whole thing brought back memories as im going offroading this weekend with my son and some friends. suppose its safer offroading “extreme white sports” than to take the calico tour. although the wife and kids want to go now, whats a redneck to do????

  16. I stumbled on your blog while looking for info on Calico Ghost Town. Gotta tell you, I think you’re just A. too immature, B. ignorant, C. environmentally stunted, D. negative, E. superficial, F. any or all of the above, to appreciate a place like Calico. There was so much to learn there, so many different things to do and think about that were good and positive and interesting and you never scratched the surface. Playing “spot the black man” is your idea of fun? Are you 5 years old? And in the whole park, the only thing you felt worthy of a photo moment was a Lincoln character? I hope for your own benefit, and those who spend time near you, that you will grow in wisdom, maturity, intelligence, whatever it is that you’re lacking, and maybe wander over there again some time and really look at the place, read about it, consider it’s past and importance, maybe even learn something. Perhaps with some growth you’ll be more interesting. I hope so. Who knows, maybe when you grow up, and if you aren’t really gay, you’ll find some good, patient woman to marry and perhaps reproduce with her [scary!] and maybe come back and, through the eyes of your kids, learn something worth writing about. You’re just barely skimming the surface of life, my dear. Good luck!

    • very well said. Love it!!!!

    • If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Happiness is where YOU find it. Sorry you’re so rapped up in your gayness that you found it hard to have fun at Calico. My grandchildren always want to stop there on our way back from Vegas. We always have a great time there.

  17. Mr. Small Jonson,

    If your idea of expecting Disneyland in a ghost town is a prerequisite, then just you wait for an even greater disappointment for when you get married.

  18. Shitty! Nobody told me there was a “Slam Jonson” post in this blog. I’d be here supporting the great, anonymous commenters like “Jan” who stand for things like that park, illiteracy, and hopes that Jonson will be more interesting with some growth!

    “barely skimming the surface of life”? I guess reading this blog makes “Jan” a voice of authority?

    BTW, I wonder if “Jan” knows that using “Gay” the way Jonson used “Black” pretty much negated anything “Jan” had to say?

  19. Calico is a great place to bring your kids near haloween there are haunted houses and great decorations it is great

  20. …its been alot of years since I’ve been there,but loved seeing the way they once lived etc & for some jerk to call it names, to me is unreal. Thank GOD not all the younger generation thinks like this idiot. I would erge everyone who has never been there, to take the kids & make a day of it.I don’t know if they charge..but at any cost it’s worth it.
    P.S. Don’t let the Goverment take your guns away from you…

  21. dude… you’re a douche. i used to go there as a kid and it was fun. adults aren’t supposed to have fun there. they rare supposed to just spend money and feed the local economy… plus you said it- you have no balls

    • wouldn’t that make him a dudett no balls.. the place is great when you go at the correct time. try death valley in July or August you would sweat your balls off if you had any.

  22. Fuck your negative criticism towards calico. Calico is an adventure all in itself. No need for your blind, narrow-minded republican sounding bullshit. You should be ashamed of yourself man. Your simplistic analasis on Calico simply reveals your ignorance towards history. I drive out there every other month to hike and enjoy the dessert scenery, I find it rather tranquil. I feel bad for people like you.

  23. Gay ? Black ? Who cares? Take some history lessons!!! Get some professional help!!!

  24. Calico is fun. Cool old mining town, tours of largest silver mine in CA, off-road riding, shooting in the canyons.
    But please free free to go elsewhere.

  25. fuck u u piece of shit!!! go fucking slit your throat and go to hell!! go lick ur friken vagina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then go suck on your fucking non-existent testicles u mothafucking prick!!!! u went at the wrong time u douche ur supposed to go during halloween!!!! FUCK ALL YALL!! MONSTAH MASSHHH BITTCHESSS!!!

  26. If you don’t require flashing lights, fart jokes and naked dancers to keep your attention then Calico is novel, entertaining and one of the very few left of its kind. THAT is the point. Get some perspective you dullard.

    • Well I live 15 minutes from Calico, and ….wow,,, some people just dont get it,,,,they are from the city, and they come up here looking for “adventure”,,,well no city slicker could even come close to real adventure like there is in “MY” desert,,,,,,and yeah……Calico is the bomb,,,but morons wouldn’t understand that, especially morons on meth….rock on Calico!!

      • hey Calico is cool if you go the correct time of year. Went there lots of times as a kid and still love it as much as a bigger kid.

  27. I am that Black Man in the pic @ Calico Civil War re-enactment, playing my part to show history correct. Like most people my age, perhaps even younger was never taught that blacks fought on the south, unfortunately this place we call the library was just that back in my days (a place were they burred lies) however when I took my daughter to an event some years back, I was asked to join the confederacy, my responds to that was “are you nuts” being dumfounded I did some research; thanks to technology I was able to look up records addressing black confederates, not totally surprised I found enough information to give me the go-ahead. So I signed up to fight for the cause. Its really simple reality, a great commander before loosing a war or surrendering would pull from all his resources’ if you have a hard time believing that blacks fought for the cause of the confederacy, educate yourselves like I did. Even up to this date I have school teachers asking me or telling me that I was on the wrong side, or black never fought on the south side. I don’t condemn for not knowing, I give the as much as I know and guide then to the resources I found. I am a retired Marine, I fought proudly for this great country and I’ll continue to show my patriotism in any which way I can. I am a Proud Black Confederate Soldier.

    • You made me smile and also very proud that you showed your support in re-enacting our history and making others not only question but take the time as you did to find out the answers of what is not told to us. Thank you for that and I am mad i came across this website of this pitiful man on here iwth his hateful words, but glad I was to see people fight for what they believe in and speak with passion about something as I do. and thank you for fighting for us as well for our country.

      • This is unbelievable what I have been reading in regards to Calico. Now, to the man who started all of this (Patrick & I) Just looking at your pic you look like a dumbass. This is history!!! (regardless who bought this town and restored it.) You must have missed that part in school. ( or if you even went to school)You would have NEVER survived back in those days. Furthermore, for you to even remark about a black man reenacting in Civil war or beginning at Calico you should be SHOT!!! I am white mom who is raising my son to not even talk or look at any race the way you are. I took my son there when he was 8 yrs old we enjoyed the day. It must have left some type of impressions on him back then. He is now 17 yrs old. Last night he asked me ” mom why dont we drive to Calico and visit the ghost town again”. I would like to say THANK YOU FOR SERVING OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!! and for speaking up about what you have learned and to educate all of us and the visitors that do visit Calico.
        JB- Vegas

      • I figured it out. (Patrick and I) I was Sponge Bob no wonder they hated the heat. Go back to your pineapple house under the sea.

    • nice reply, black confederate. a good book on the subject of black me fighting for the south is the Forgotten Confederate.
      also some confederate commanders welcomed black me from the onset. generates like John Hunt Morgan.
      also who had slaves, Robert E. lee or U.S. Grant? – grant
      Lincoln did not free slaves. The emancipation proclamation only declared slaves free in territory not controlled by the federal government. Slaves in slave holding federal areas were still slaves.

    • Wow, reading your post moved me. Soon approaching Nov 11 to honor Veterans Day. Thank you for your service. You did not respond back offending him, you did not go to his level. Thank you for educating us.

  28. Now, those comments above were really enjoyable to read: a little this, a little that, agree, disagree, and a final weigh in from the black confederate himself…that’s what life and learning is all about. Thanks,
    MM (naturally, a teacher)

  29. My husband and I took our son. He is 6. We found the place to be super cool. But were the type of people that actually enjoy history, and learning. My son was fascinated with it all and loved doing the activities in the leather shop, mine tour, train ride, panning for gold. etc… We are history buffs so learning about the history was amazing. People that go into this place with huge expectations will be let down. This isnt an amusement park people. But if you want to experience something different, with an open mind, you will have a great time. When i told my mother that we had gone to this place, she told me that my grandparents took her and my aunts and uncles in the 50s. It was very special to her that her grandchild had now experienced something fun that she did as a child. All in all it was cool, and we would totally go back. I feel sorry for the person (man/boy) that posted this initial blog. Life must be a serious let down to him in general. Calico doesn’t want people like you there any how. it would ruin it for the rest of us.

  30. Your right Calico does SUCK. I used to be an Old West Reeinactor/Calico Gunfighter. And the County put a stop to it. That is what the crowd wanted to see “Gun Fights”.

    • I too have been going to Calico, not as a kid but an Adult!!! And I love it and have been bringing people to it to experience it as I have. We set up camp and stay the night with our campfire and tents and it feels like you are back in time, then the next day you can wake up and take a little hike to Calico Town and have breakfast and walk around and watch the history, yes it was destroyed by a fire, but it’s core and history is still there and it takes a real decent kind of person to except something for what it was not just what it is now. And I appreciate the history that is involved and for the ones that still believe in the history and can have fun with it.

    • shame on you. it was not “Calico’s” fault….

  31. my friend rex and i went to granada hills high..we would go on desert trips from 1966 to 1969,exploring any mine we could find in the mohave desert…in 1968,we were in rosemond,ca exploring a mine when the ”chainsaw massacre” type sheriff there said we were on private property,and had to leave…he told us if we like exploring mines we should go to CALICO…he said there was a mine there,the SILVER KING which had 30 miles of tunnels…2 weeks later we arrived at calico…oct. 1968 around 6:00am…there was not one person in the lower parking lot or anywhere we could see…we started up a canyon i think is called WALLSTREET.on the right side,and up a hill we found a mine called the RED CLOUD..it had a steel door and a chain but we squeezed our way in… inside we could see the ore car tracks with an ore car still on them…the tunnel went straight for around 200 ft…then we came to an intersection with 3 different tunnels,and hundreds of feet of string going in all directions…just like tom sawyer, when he and becky went into the caves…we decided to take the left tunnel because the tracks went down that one…in a while we noticed that we were not walking on earth anymore,but some sort of a wooden plank floor,and every 50 ft or so ,on either side of the tunnel were vertical shafts going down hundreds of feet,with wooden ladders..next we came to a spot where the tunnel caved in,and there was a 15 ft space between the upright brace and the ceiling…then the angle of decent became more steep….then THE LIGHT BURNED OUT..now,myself,rex and my dog”geneo”were in absolute darkness…we decided to crawl out and feel our way around the vertical shafts…but my dog wanted to go the other way,..i held on to my dogs tail and rex held on to my back pocket and we started to crawl futher down the tunnel.soon we came to an area that was half caved in and there were rats,but we could see because of dim light.we continued and came to a spot where we came out to another junction…then we realized we were back where we started,but came out the middle of the 3 tunnels..we got out of the RED CLOUD,and went to yermo,bought new flashlights,came back,and went up WALLSTREET passed the REDCLOUD to another mine called the ST.LOUIS..rex went in the tunnel while i removed rocks from my shoes…i saw rex turn to the right when he went in..then i heard the sound of falling rocks…when i went in,even though the main tunnel went left,i went right like rex..there i found the rocks from the ore shoot on the wall had been released, and on the ground..the tunnel was only around 35 feet long…my dog was looking at something over in the right corner….it was a vertical shaft with rex laying at the bottom..he was still alive,but going into shock…after rex threw me the car keys,”a miracle in itself”i returned to the car to get rope,came back,threw rex the rope and he climed up and out of the vertical shaft…on inspection he tore off the end of a finger,smashed his mouth,had rock rash on his face,had a hole in his head above his ear the size of a nickel that was pouring blood,and had a shallow cut that was 3/8 of an inch wide that ran from his right shoulder to his left buttocks…rex healed up and we returned a year later…i lowered rex down the shaft with a rope..there he retrieved his canteen and his belt and rock hammer..since that day in oct.1968 rex has been to calico over a 100 times…me,around 10 times…….keith

  32. in 1970 myself and 3 friends went to calico to camp out…at the time i had a 1942 dodge pick-up truck,and my friend,BART,had a 1951 ford pick-up truck…..my friend rex and i rode in my truck,and BART and TOM rode together….at that time you could camp out most anywhere in calico…there was one campground back then,and if you drove threw it to the end,you could keep on going up an incline that took you up on an old wagon road that you could drive on…we drove our trucks down this road for maybe a 1/4 of a mile…we set up camp on a cliff over looking the canyon below ….i think its called ODESSA CYN…there was a group of motor homes camped in the canyon…maybe 20 or so….also,in the campground at calico,there were people plus a large party of girlscouts…we walk from our camp to go into the ghostown during the day,and go up WALLSTREET CYN. to explore and mess around….at night,we would sneek into calico,and play”hide and seek”…we would be there till around 3 am. my friend tom jumped over this small fence to keep from being discovered and came face to face with one of the cement,lifesize, miners with a gold pan…he nearly crapped his pants…also, the same night the wind was blowind a little,which caused the door on the barn where they kept the mules,to open and slam shut,repeatedly….it was like something out of an old scary movie…then a following night, we were making what we called BIG FOOT sounds up on the cliff over the motorhome people…they freeked out and sent a small party up the canyon to find out what it was…then on one of our walks to the ghostown,we were confronted by the girlscout overseers that said we were walking too close to the girls,and to keep our distance…when,in fact it was the girls waveing and cat calling us…if you have been to the place we camped,while standing on the cliff overlooking ODESSA CYN. at aprox. 2 o’clock,you will see the dry lake off in the distance,and at 9 o’clock is where we camped….across form there is a short tunnel,that me and rex slept in a few nights…till the next time….keith schmidt,,tom healy,,,bart eskander,,,rex parsons….

  33. once,around 1969 myself and my friend rex were at calico again…at the time the place was,and still is,over run with chucker birds…so rex brought along his recurve bow and a few arrows,wanting to fullfill his dream of roasting a few over a calico campfire…we were wandering around calico one afternoon and rex had unstrung his bow,and was carrying it with him….now,what i am going to tell you next, is 100 percent truth….we came upon the assaying office exhibit,,which i believe is not there anymore….it was a wood shack around 7 ft square and 7ft tall….inside was a full sized dummy of an assaying agent sitting behind his desk with the scales and other things he would need to assay gold or silver ore….standing behind him,was a miner leaning over watching him weigh his ore….there was one large window in the front of the shack,and two smaller ones on the sides….they were not windows of glass,but the openings were covered with rabbit wire so you see well from all sides….both dummys were wareing cowboy hats…..rex noticed that the rabbit wire on the lower corner of one of the smaller side windows was not secured well….so,he peeled back the wire a few inches,slid his recurve bow through,and gently lifted the cowboy hat from the head of the miner dummy….he pulled it up to the window,reached in an grabed the hat and then pulled it out….then he bent the rabbit wire back into position…he wore that hat around calico for the rest of the trip…he also wore the hat on other campouts ,that were not at or near calico…a year or two later we were back at calico again…rex decided he had worn the hat long enough,,so we went back to the assaying office,doing everything mentioned before in reverse,and put the hat back on the miners head…i thought it was odd that after all that time,the hat was never replaced by calico…..rp ks expo..

  34. My parents took us camping there often when I was a kid. We stayed in the official campground below town and also stayed in Mule Canyon quite often. We shot guns, rode motorcycles and just plain had a great time. As a kid, I always dreamed of being able to crawl around the mines, but of course was never allowed to. Now I think it is pretty closely watched and forbidden, so to “Keith”, I am EXTREMELY Jealous!! This would have been in the Early 70’s and I would have been 8-10 years old. It is full of magical memories for me. I have taken my children there twice now, and they “get it”. Too bad for those who don’t. There is important history there to be learned and appreciated.

  35. Also, as a historical note to those who don’t understand, Walter Knott, the founder of Knotts’ Berry Farm, grew up in Calico as a boy when it was an active mining town. As his “berry farm” grew in success, he was able to help restore Calico as a historical site, and some of the original parts of Knotts’ Berry Farm are modeled after his boyhood home of Calico. If you visit Knotts’ Berry Farm, and go through the ghost town area, it is suppose to be the town of Calico.

    Now go visit Virginia City in Nevada and then Bodie in California and see what cool stuff you can learn. Bodie is quite exceptional.

    • hello,i have been to virginia city and bodie,but on my bucket list is AURORA,,,around 13 miles past bodie….at this town you wont have the rangers up your ass all day….also.bodie was built of wood,but aurora was built from brick….now,on a sad note…back in the late 1940s and early 1950s a los angeles brick company went to aurora and destroyed most of the buildings that were made of brick.then they took the brick to l.a.to help with the need of used brick in the san fernando valley…..thats why when you are at aurora,the few buildings that are still standing are wood.also,in the town of hawthorne,nv around 70 miles from bodie,are buildings around town that were all originaly from bodie….they would drive big flat bed trucks there,spend a few days jacking the buildings up,and getting them on the trucks,and drive them back to hawthorne…i saw a lot of these when i was there in 2005….keith

  36. hello….i dont think that anything at calico is closely guarded…if you go to YOU TUBE and punch in calico mines,ect there will be all sorts of adventures on video of people exploring mines in calico….i hope everyone that does go exploring uses their heads,because if someone gets screwed up enough where they have to call in the fire dept. or ambulance you can be sure the PARKS DEPT…will try to cement everything closed,and destroy all our california history,like they did in joshua tree,and other places….make sure when you go exploring,..take at least 2 flashlights,,,and someone else in your party could have one of the new type,battery operated camping lanterns…..DO NOT use the old style coleman,white gas lanterns…some old mines could have pockets of methane,or natural gas….remember,natural gas has no odor…the smell of the natural gas that you use in your home has been treated with a product that gives it an odor so leaks can be detected…a gas fired coleman type lantern will set the gas off,,,and you and parts of calico will be gone…also,take some water and snack bars with you,and some tp…if you get lost,you might be underground for a while…..also,while inside a mine make sure you shine the light on the floor where you are walking…there are lots of vertical shafts ….be safe…keith

  37. Your an ass!

    • thankyou! Do you really work there? I am Lonesome George’s granddaughter. if you still do, then good for you, and I miss coming up to visit.

  38. There is a lot of history surrounding Calico. Besides being the largest silver mine during its time, there are interesting stories of those that lived there. Dorsey the Calico mail dog that carried the mail back and forth from Bismarck (another camp East of Calico) and Yung Hen, a miner/business owner who migrated from China and the trials and tribulations he and his family had to endure to survive…just to name a couple. Sure times were tough to live in Calico but not everday did it surround itself with shootings and people dying. The sheriff of Calico was Tumbleweed Harris and he was tough but fair. There were good times too. The County of San Bernandino tries their best to provide entertainment for those who visit Calico. If anyone has some good recommendations on bettering the venues that they current have, I’m sure they would be open to hear on what you have to say. I’m into the preservation of our American mining history and I have a list of positive things that I will be sharing with the County of S.B. on how both Calico and its visitors can benefit through added enjoyment.

    • well,,,,,what ive been saying for the last 30 years is the fact it seems that the people in charge”if there is any’;
      dont do any research to better calico….the thing i hate about calico the most,is the lack of shade….alot of people in the summer months avoid calico for this reason,thus reducing revenue…..or maybe they feel that if there is no shade,people will flock to the gost town shops to get out of the sun…i have found that”pepper trees” grow to have a huge span provideing lots of shade….and once established require no water….they are also fast growing….if they could buy some that are allready 10 yrs old,,and have them planted all through the campgrounds,,,this would be great….also,they could build a structure with a roof and pillers but no sides ,for each campsite…that way people could sit at the picnic table and be out of the sun…..the rangers could put on a slide show at nite in the middle of the town,,,telling all about calico,,like the did in yosemite….but on a sad note,,the young people of today dont have an interest in places like calico…they are i-boxers,,,,dot-comers,,,facebookers….ect…i think in the future calico will close due to lack of interest…..thank you….keith

      • calico is protected under the California National Parks. It won’t close. Also the lack of shade is called authenticity.

  39. hmm lets see its in the desert lets go in August and bitch there is no shade. You should try going to Death Valley then in July or August its only like 40 degrees hotter. Lets see desert in spring or the middle of summer hmmm thats a hard one to figure out. I should have Lewis Black tell you about the desert or the troops in the middleast. No you just need to stay put in your a/c controled homes from late May to hmmm November. What a bunch of sorry ass babies talking about heat.

  40. another 12 year oid leaves a reply……..keith

  41. Calico Ghost town is awesome

  42. They dumb white guy that wrote this post is gay

  43. My 7 year old son and I just had the pleasure of killing a few hours on our was home from Vegas. Calico is very much an important experience for bringing social history to life. It brings what they are reading to reality, to see it and touch it. This was my first time as well, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. We almost got addicted to panning for gold. My great aunt and uncle used to tell me stories about when they settle here coming from New Mexico in covered wagons. My Uncle was a Silversmith and would pan for gold all day. Our visit was memorable, the weather was perfect. I would definitely go back on a Saturday just to take a Ghost tour with my 11 yr old son who wants to be a Ghost adventurer like Zack, Nick and Aaron “Ghost adventurers”.

    • Thank you. You are a real person, with values. I am an avid supporter of Calico, for reasons I will not post here. Again thanks for the positive remarks.

  44. If you happen to eventually get your head out of your ass, you might want to hit up your local library. African Americans fought in the Civil War. I’m sure it’s a brain explosion for you, so it’s probably best you just keep things simple and continue to blog hate.

  45. IDIOT!

  46. crappy assed theme? Really? Well I guess you can’t expect a under-educated crappy assed person to leave anything of importance. Do a little research, if you know what that word means. Not a theme. Real town, real silver mine (one of the largest ever) and people lived and died in that town. The people who spend the time to make it authentic, do it because they are showing how hard it was back then, and provide a look into history. its sad there are people like you that can’t simply give their opinion, but have to say to others “do not go”. Pathetic.

  47. “Patrick and I”… You guys are complete losers. Get a life, get an education, have some class….and grow the hell up.

  48. You sorry guilty white POS,

  49. The author of this blog is foolish to think this. Calico is loads of fun. For adults and kids. Calico Days is also the best
    time to go. Also why is the author trying to make this about race? Calico Days had a very diverse crowd.

  50. I did not see nor wanted to see fake LinkedIn. It was just a convenient stop on the way to Vegas and the slot machine

  51. I have been going to Calico and other ghost towns since I was a little girl. I’m now 28 with two children and they love being able to jump back in time and learn some history!!! That’s what’s wrong with the world today, no one remembers the simple things in life and kids are so stuck in electronics it’s pathetic!!!! We love Calico and will be there this weekend!!!

  52. You sound Scotchise,dae can.

  53. Your ignorance of history is as glaring as your racism. Negroes fought on both sides in the war. Very few southerners owned slaves & slaves were own by both blacks & whites. What a dumb ass you are.

  54. Learn your history biased scum. US hating degenerate.

  55. If your so negative about Calico then why did you stay you stupid idiot. Don’t come back. Next time go-to the abandoned water park and get shot in the head you ball less jerk! Take yer Mama to so the dogs have something to hump!

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